Foodie Chip / Sludge Removal Machine
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Foodie-Chip Sludge RemovalFoodie-Chip Sludge Removal

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There is no need to shut down for quick processing and you can easily solve the problems of dusty sludge deposition.

It can be used for water-base and oil-base cutting fluid, metal cutting, aluminium powders and non-magnetic metal particles.

Surface floating debris, bottom fine chip, bottom sediment and other deposits can be quickly processed and recycle.

Effective save the time and cost of cleaning the water tank. The double filtration (Optional-Precision type) grinding powder can be easily recycled.

It is easy to more and can be used on the one or more platforms. It can be adjusted to different filter accuracy requirements.


  • No down time.
  • No Consumables
  • Pressure drive without a plug.
  • Quick filtering.
  • Easy to move.
  • Filter accuracy can be adjusted.
  • Extend cutting fluid / coolant life.
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